8:00 am
Quorum at the University City Science Center
Come for coffee and conversation! Listen to a panel of speakers featuring women who have active, exciting careers in the life sciences, then participate in the interactive Q&A session. Read More >
10:00 am
Temple University
Students will get an interactive walk-through showcasing the many, fantastic disciplines of current day forensic science. Read More >
11:00 am
McNeil Science and Technology Center
Students will have the opportunity to rotate through the Chemistry Lab, Pharmaceutical Lab, Physical Therapy and Physics – each providing hands on activities along the way Read More >
The Navy Yard
Get a first-hand look at the science behind making our city greener! Read More >
12:00 pm
Drexel University - Mitchell Auditorium
Explore what some of the coolest professionals do during a typical day at the office. Read More >
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
La Salle’s Holroyd Science Center
This Explorer Café will address the “all-natural” and “organic” craze that has spurred the demonization of things that are“chemical,” “synthetic,” or “genetically modified.” Read More >
6:00 pm
City Tap House
Play an interactive card game designed to get participants to reflect on the potential uses of nanotechnology around the world. Read More >
Does the five-second rule really count? How strict is the expiration date on milk? What could those little bacteria really do to us? Come look at food safety from the scientific perspective. Read More >
7:00 pm
Chemical Heritage Foundation
Sometimes the world needs a superhero. As the global population approaches seven billion people,we are faced with many challenges.Discover what some great scientific minds are doing to change that. Read More >