10:00 am
Independence Seaport Museum
Discover what makes boats float, how steam is used to bend wood, and how to track the weather. Learn about the science of water and meet marine wildlife.Even make your own boat! Read More >
11:00 am
Clark Park
Discover science in your own back yard! Meet local scientists and science students as they uncover wonders throughout Clark Park. Read More >
2:00 pm
Drexel University - Mitchell Auditorium
This unique jazz concert will allow the audience to experience the science behind the music via large screen visualizations and an interactive smartphone app. Read More >
Baking a good recipe can seem almost magical, but chemistry is what really makes the perfect dessert. How do simple ingredients like flour, sugar and eggs really turn into delicious treats? Read More >
Field House
Explore discoveries around new techniques for determining the sequence of amino acids in DNA using grapheme. Read More >
7:00 pm