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Science Carnival on the Parkway

Saturday, May 2, 2015
10 AM to 4 PM

You've never experienced an outdoor carnival like this one! Our carnival features more than 175 exhibitors offering non-stop, family-friendly experiments, interactive activities, games, and a packed line-up of live entertainment. Enjoy making slime, meeting live zoo animals, checking out the inner-workings of robots, taking a tour of a helicopter, extracting DNA from a strawberry, testing a “crime scene” for forensic evidence, and so much more!

20th Street and The Benjamin Franklin Parkway 

Driving directions and parking information are available below. We anticipate that the city will be very busy on Saturday and ask that you consider taking public transportation. Directions for accessing the Carnival via public transportation are available at the link below. 

Carnival Activities:

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There are 175 activities
    • Are You Fluffy, Buff, or Ruffled?
      Presented by The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University > Read more

      Are You Fluffy, Buff, or Ruffled?

      10:00 AM

      Got someone to impress? Check out how members of the animal kingdom attract their partners! See some of the fancy feathers, bright colors, ritual dances, and special calls males and females of different species use to signal attraction. Then dig deeper into the world of birds and discover what you can do to help protect their mating sites!

    • How Does Physical Activity Improve Your Health?
      Presented by Ben FM > Read more

      How Does Physical Activity Improve Your Health?

      10:00 AM

      Do you love playing sports like soccer, basketball, dancing, cheerleading, or just playing tag with friends? Learn the science behind why it's good for your body AND it's fun! Move through the different stations with different physical activities and discover why you should never stop playing!

    • How Do Colors Blend?
      Presented by Crazy Aaron's PuttyWorld > Read more

      How Do Colors Blend?

      10:00 AM

      Explore the science of pigment and color when you mix differently colored putties! See how colors glow in the dark or change color with heat or UV lights! Learn about the properties of bouncy silicone putty, then mix some to create your own unique color and take it home with you!

    • How Much Sugar Is in Your Drink?
      Presented by Drexel University > Read more

      How Much Sugar Is in Your Drink?

      10:00 AM

      Soda is great as a special treat, but not for every day! Check out demonstrations that reveal the sugar, fat and Calorie content in selected drinks!

    • What Are the Sun's Superpowers?
      Presented by Drexel University > Read more

      What Are the Sun's Superpowers?

      10:00 AM

      Join Drexel students to learn about the Sun's superpowers! From hands on experiments with solar powered objects to observing algae, you'll learn about the different ways solar energy can be used. Some will surprise you!

    • Is There Math in Music?
      Presented by Drexel University > Read more

      Is There Math in Music?

      10:00 AM

      What is the relationship between math and music people always talk about? Come learn how basic fractions are used to construct the foundations of western music. Learn to build a Kalimba (a thumb piano used throughout sub-saharan Africa) and see how your voice LOOKS!

    • How Much Science Is in This Glass of Water?
      Presented by Fairmount Water Works > Read more

      How Much Science Is in This Glass of Water?

      10:00 AM

      Discover how much science and how many scientists are "in" your drinkable glass of Philadelphia tap water! Explore every step of your drinking water's journey: from its river source, through various pipes, and finally out your faucet. Learn the science involved in keeping it clean, safe and delicious!

    • Are You Green?
      Presented by GE > Read more

      Are You Green?

      10:00 AM

      Are you "green"? Discover the importance of conserving energy and water! Play games, engage in exercises, and come up with new ideas for how to conserve!

    • What Floats Your Boat?
      Presented by Independence Seaport Museum > Read more

      What Floats Your Boat?

      10:00 AM

      Make a splash learning about the physics and mathematical properties of buoyancy when you make your own boat with the Seaport Museum! See whether your boat can stay afloat in our tank, help the Rozalia Project on their mission to clean up our waterways, and watch a Master Boatbuilder from our Workshop on the Water demonstrate traditional boatbuilding techniques as he builds oars for our rowing program!

    • Are You Ready to Make Science Fun?
      Presented by Tiger Woods Learning Center > Read more

      Are You Ready to Make Science Fun?

      10:00 AM

      See what students from the Tiger Woods Learning Center have built, including Lego Storm robots you can control, video games you get to test out, and building models that demontrate improved energy efficiency! You'll also get to learn about density and build your own density column!

    • How Do My Bones Grow?
      Presented by La Salle University > Read more

      How Do My Bones Grow?

      10:00 AM

      Bones, bones, bones! Why do you drink milk to help them grow? What happens to a bone when it breaks? Look at X-rays and 3D models as you learn the properties of bones and how children's bones are different from adult bones! You'll also learn what you can do to make your bones super strong!

    • WHAT'S NEXT?
      Presented by NASA > Read more

      WHAT'S NEXT?

      10:00 AM

      Build puff-straw rockets with NASA representatives who will answer any questions you've ever had about space! Don't forget to check out the inflatable Orion capsule, too!

    • What's in a Helicopter Cockpit?
      Presented by American Helicopter Museum > Read more

      What's in a Helicopter Cockpit?

      10:00 AM

      Want to go inside a real cockpit? Now you can! Learn about the physics of helicopters and the engineering that goes into designing a working cockpit!

    • How Does Clean Energy Work?
      How Does Clean Energy Work?
      > Read more

      How Does Clean Energy Work?

      10:00 AM

      What is clean energy? It's 100% pollution-free and produced entirely from renewable sources like wind, so it's naturally replenished and virtually inexhaustible. Make your own wind turbine as you learn about other sources of clean energy and how it works!

    • How Can You Save Energy?
      Presented by PECO > Read more

      How Can You Save Energy?

      10:00 AM

      Learn how you can save energy and save the world every day!

    • How Are Insects Preserved?
      Presented by Philadelphia Bee Company > Read more

      How Are Insects Preserved?

      10:00 AM

      Learn how to pin your own bee with this intro to entomological preservation. You can see and touch mounted specimens as we discuss bees of every size, shape and color!