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Tinker Lab

Tinker Lab
Sat, Apr 23

03:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Have you ever wondered what makes a motor move or how a laser carves wood? Find out firsthand by joining us for a day of tinkering at NextFab: Philadelphia’s Gym for Innovators. Exercise your imagination, indulge your curiosity, and embrace your inner innovator while constructing circuits, building scribble bots, and witnessing the wonder of 3D printers and laser cutters with help from the expert inventors at NextFab!
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    No reservation required

    Price: FREE

  • Location

    NextFab Studio

    2025 Washington Avenue

    Philadelphia, PA, 19146


  • Partners

    NextFab Studio
    NextFab Studio
    NextFab Studio is a membership-based, high-tech workshop and prototyping center -- it’s Philadelphia’s “gym for innovators.” Located in the Science Center, our facility provides comfortable and safe workspaces with hand tools, 3D printers, computer-controlled machine tools and software. It has everything necessary for you to invent, repair, create, and innovate! NextFab Studio is excited to announce an expansive new flagship facility - NextFab 2 - slated to open this summer in South Philadelphia.