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Where do I find the Partner Packet?

Looking for an overview of what it means to be a PSF Partner? Want to know the difference between Partners and Core Collaborators? Curious about the benefits of getting involved? Eager to figure out the different ways your organization can be involved? Looking for a basic step-by-step outline of how this whole thing works? 

Look no further--review the new and improved Partner Packet! This document is an easy-to-follow guide to all things PSF. 

2017 Partner Guide 

Still have questions regarding PSF events and involvement?

Contact the PSF Planning Team!

Ellen Trappey, Assistant Director of Science Festival and Outreach Initiatives, 215.448.1346

Rachel Giatras, Science Festival and Outreach Initiatives Coordinator, 215.448.1397

Additional TFI Staff Leads:

Production for Adult Events
Cat Aboudara, Assistant Director of Program Initiatives, 215.448.2195

Adam Piazza, Adult Programs Specialist, 215.448.1341

Maura Roche, Marketing Manager, 215.448.1129

PR & Communications
Stefanie Santo, Director of Public Relations, 215.448.1152

Social Media
Doug Ray, Social Media Manager, 215 448 1345

Carnival Management
Jennie Udell, Stockton & Partners