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General Information and Forms

Information about how to get involved:  

Looking for an overview of what it means to be a PSF Partner? Want to know the difference between Partners and Core Collaborators? Curious about the benefits of getting involved? Eager to figure out the different ways your organization can be involved? Looking for a basic step-by-step outline of how this whole thing works? 

Look no further--review the new and improved How to Get Involved Guide! This document is an easy-to-follow guide to all things PSF. 

Certificate of Insurance:

*Only one COI is required from each organization.  If you have more than one exhibit at the Science Carnival on the Parkway or are participating in a number of PSF events, please coordinate internally to submit one COI for your organization.

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document provided by your insurance company confirming your organization’s liability insurance policy.

Philadelphia Science Festival requires that all participating organizations provide a COI including the below information, as well as proof of workers compensation.

Please contact your insurance company directly and request a Certificate of Insurance with the following (exact verbiage may vary per your insurance company): “The Franklin Institute, Stockton & Partners, Inc., Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, Penn's Landing LLC, the Redevelopment Authority of Philadelphia, and the City of Philadelphia, it’s officers, employees and agents are listed as additional insureds”

If an address is requested, please use The Franklin Institute, 222 N 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Please email your COI to and 
or fax it to 800.974.3075, to the attention of Jennie Udell.

Indemnification Form:

A true partnership is one built on trust. Because of this, we're asking that all organizations sign the agreement at the link below, which will serve as mutual indemnification (basically, stating that we will not sue one another). Once signed, this document will be valid year over year.

2016/2017 Partner Call Presentations

Webinar Recording & Slides  
November Slides