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Become a partner

Festival events are renowned for their engaging and interactive components. You can contribute to this spirit of inquiry and discovery by joining us as a Partner in the 2017 Philadelphia Science Festival. Keep reading for information about all the ways to get involved. 

Registration for the 2017 Philadelphia Science Festival opened Monday, October 3! Please reference the 2017 Partner Guide for an involvement overview, note these Important Dates, and sign up for the 2017 Partner Meeting Series to receive programmatic updates throughout our planning!

What ways can you get involved with the 2017 Festival?

Host an event

Looking to host an event? Partners are needed to host Citywide Star Parties and Be a Scientist! programs. 

Be a Scientist!

Sunday, April 23

(Formerly Explorer Sunday Programs)

Through these programs, event attendees will have the opportunity to visit partnering organizations to “Be a doctor,” “Be a culinary scientist,” “Be a brewing scientist,” “Be a farm scientist,” “Be an engineer for a day,” etc. These unique, engaging, hands-on experiences will provide behind the scenes access to the region’s labs, nature centers, farms, museums and other creative locations to learn what STEM experts do on a daily basis- all while having a lot of fun! These programs largely attract family audiences, which is important to keep in mind as you plan.


Citywide Star Party

Friday, April 28

(Formerly Astronomy Night Star Party)

Approximately 20 sites across the greater Philadelphia area are needed to host simultaneous stargazing events. Demand to host star parties generally exceeds the number of sites that we are able to accommodate, so register early!

Provide an activity at a PSF program 

PSF offers a wide variety of programs and events throughout the Festival. For almost all of these, partner involvement includes providing a hands-on activity for attendees. From non-Newtonian fluids to dancing robots to model watersheds, there are countless ways to translate research, lab studies, engineering, field work or medicine to engaging hands-on activities for the general public! For activity ideas, visit or contact a PSF staff member for assistance. 

Activity providers are needed for the following events:   

* Science After Hours – Friday, April 21 

* Science in the Park – Saturday, April 22 

* TinkerLab – Saturday, April 22

* Fishtown Science Crawl – Sunday, April 23 

* Science After School – Monday, April 24 through Thursday, April 27

* Science Storytime – Wednesday, April 26

* Science in the National Park – Thursday, April 27

* Science at the Ballpark - TBD  

* Science Carnival at Penn's Landing – Saturday, April 29

Activity Registration for all events EXCEPT the Carnival opens on Monday, October 3!     

Serve as a speaker or an expert 

The Philadelphia Science Festival has become known for its innovative programs that attract a diverse and engaged audience. PSF Staff and The Steering Committee has worked hard to determine a range of exciting topics for exploration at the 2017 Festival, and experts are needed to round out an exciting line-up of programs!

To learn more about the 2017 program topics, click here.   

Additional General Experts   

STEM experts are needed to assist with Science in the Park on Saturday, April 22 and Be a Scientist! Programs on Sunday, April 23. Though all experts are encouraged to share their experience and knowledge, specific areas of need are nature, farming, sustainability, engineering and robotics!   

To register to participate in the Festival:

Click Here