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Registration and Get Involved

Provide an Activity at a PSF Program


PSF offers a wide variety of programs and events throughout the Festival. For almost all of these, partner involvement includes providing a hands-on activity for attendees. From non-Newtonian fluids to dancing robots to model watersheds, there are countless ways to translate research, lab studies, engineering, field work or medicine to engaging hands-on activities for the general public! For activity ideas, visit or contact our Program Developer, Al Bruno


Activity providers are needed for the following events:


- Discovery Day – Saturday, April 23 

- Fishtown Science Crawl – Sunday, April 24

- Neighborhood Science After School – Monday, April 25 through Thursday, April 28

- Tinker Lab - Saturday, April 23

- Fun with Kitchen Science - Sunday, April 24

- Science at the Ballpark - Saturday, April 16 

- Science After Hours: PSF Closing Party - Friday, April 24

- Science Carnival at the Great Plaza at Penn's Landing – Saturday, April 30 



What you’ll need to register:

- Your activity title, phrased in the form of a question, and a short description of what your activity entails

- The event(s) at which you’d like to provide your activity

- Additional set-up requests (all participants will receive a table, 2 chairs, table covering and tabletop sign)

- Contact information for your day-of event contact(s) and, if relevant, a PR contact for your organization*



Ready to Register?

Provide an Activity


Serve as an Expert


The Philadelphia Science Festival has become known for its innovative programs that attract a diverse and engaged audience. The Steering Committee has worked hard to select a range of exciting topics for exploration at the 2016 Festival, and experts are needed to round out an exciting line-up of programs!


Program Topics

- Science of Fear

- Lab Mistakes and What We Learn from Them

- Microbiome

- Science 2066

- Poison and Toxicology



Additional General Experts


STEM experts are needed to assist with Discovery Days on Saturday, April 23 and Explorer Sunday Programs on Sunday, April 24. Though all experts are encouraged to share their experience and knowledge, specific areas of need are nature, farming, sustainability, engineering and robotics!


 What you’ll need to register as/or suggest an expert:

- Your organization name and speaker’s name and contact information

- Short (30-50 words) speaker bio for use on the PSF website and any appropriate printed materials

- Speakers area of expertise

- The event(s) at which you’d like to provide your expertise

- Additional set-up requests 

- A photo for the website and any promotional materials

- Any relevant contact information for your organization including planning contact, day-of event contact(s) and, if relevant, a PR contact for your organization*



Ready to Register?

Register a Speaker



Host An Event: Astronomy Night and Explorer Sunday


Looking to host an event at your organizations? Partners are needed to host Astronomy Night Star Parties and Explorer Sunday programs. 


Astronomy Night


Organizations are needed to host simultaneous, region-wide stargazing events. PSF will provide the astronomer and the equipment!


Things to consider:


- Event MUST occur on Friday April 22. In the event that evening is rained out, all Partners must be available on the rain date, Friday, April 29.

- Star parties must be free and open to the public.

- Restroom facilities must be available.

- All sites must have an area suitable for stargazing.

- Star parties will occur from 7:30 to 10:30 pm.


Registration for Astronomy Night is now CLOSED. 


Explorer Programs


Explorer Programs feature hands-on interactive workshops and tours that provide participants with the behind-the-scenes access to the region’s laboratories, nature centers, hiking trails, factories and other creative locations. Programs can consist of anything STEM related.

Things to consider:


- Event MUST occur on Sunday, April 24

- Events must be free or free with admission

- Hosts must be willing to host and event walk through

- Events with pre-registration should not have a participant cap


What you’ll need to register:

- Event location

- Event contacts (both coordinating, public relations and day-of)


 For Explorer Sunday:


- Program Title

- General Program Description

- General Activity Highlights


Registration for Explorer Sunday is now CLOSED!

* All PSF Participating Organizations are asked to sign an Acknowledgement of Expectations, Indemnification Form and provide a Certificate of Insurance. The Indemnification Form only has to be submitted once in the lifetime of your partnership with PSF, so if you turned it in last year, no need to do so again!

- Partner Acknowledgements can be found by clicking here.

- Core Collaborator Acknowledgments can be found by clicking here  .

- Indemnification Form can be found by clicking here.

- Language for COI can be found by clicking here.