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Interested in becoming a Philadelphia Science Festival Sponsor? Learn more about the packages available for 2018 by contacting Casey Anne Satell at


    • The Dow Chemical Company
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      The Dow Chemical Company

      As one of the largest employers in the region, Dow is proud to again be the lead supporter for the Philadelphia Science Festival. Dow is committed to nurturing today’s young scientists and supporting innovative educational experiences that generate understanding and enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry in a city with a rich history of leadership in the sciences. Dow looks forward to showcasing and celebrating the power of chemistry as a creator of solutions that address essential human needs and world challenges, such as energy, housing, health, nutrition, infrastructure and economic development.

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Carnival Event Management Sponsor

    • Stockton & Partners, Meetings and Events
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      Stockton & Partners, Meetings and Events

      Stockton & Partners, Inc. is a full service event planning and meeting management company delivering expertise, superior service, qualified resources and personal commitment to every project. We proudly serve corporate, university, museum and association clients throughout the region.

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